Gilakas’la, welcome from the members of the Ha-ma-yas Stewardship Network!

We are a collective of First Nations working to fulfill our stewardship responsibilities within our traditional areas on North Vancouver Island and mainland coast, off the Pacific coast of what is now British Columbia, Canada.


LEADERS OF THE PACK The first cohort of students in Vancouver Island University’s Stewardship Technician Training Program graduated with flying colours in March: creating a pathway that First Nations students following in their footsteps can walk with confidence and pride.   “You have to be...

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PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR Mamalilikulla’s vision for a sustainable stewardship future “We want to be present on our lands and waters in a way we have not been able to be for generations,” says Mamalilkulla First Nation Chief Richard Sumner emphatically. “We want to let people know that we’re here,...

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2016 a busy field season!

Putting Training into Action Tlowitsis Guardians Gina Thomas and Brandon Wilson have a large territory to cover, lots to do, and only two of them to do it all. “So we have to be very strategic about what projects we undertake,” says Gina. “Last year, the strategy was to make sure we spent our time...

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K’òmoks Guardians are building on their 2015 successes

The Snowball Effect: K’òmoks Guardians are building on their 2015 successes By the time the festive season rolled around at the end of 2015, K’òmoks Watchman Cory Frank had a great deal to celebrate on the work front. Thanks to some key strategic partnerships forged by Cory and his team,...

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The Da’naxda’xw Guardians build their know-how and their network

The Da’naxda’xw Guardians build their know-how and their network  2015 was a big year for Da’naxda’xw Guardians Harold Glendale and Stanley Beans. Both men were still feeling their way in their roles, and diffident about their work; getting these shy guys to talk about themselves and their...

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Collaboration and cleaning up in Campbell River

This time last year, Wei Wai Kum fisheries biologist Kelsey Campbell was preparing to get wet and muddy in Nunns Creek, which runs through the Wei Wai Kum community in Campbell River and into the Campbell River Estuary. “You must not mind a bit of rain,” she admitted with a chuckle as she described...

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2016 Annual Ha-Ma-Yas Stewardship Guardian Gathering

2016 Annual Ha-Ma-Yas Stewardship Guardian Gathering “I thought it was just great that everyone is able to get together like this in the heart of their territories. Each Nation is quite different, with different personalities involved and different ideas to offer, but there are also a lot of...

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LEARNING THE ROPES Through a Vancouver Island University (VIU) community-based program, Ha-ma-yas Network Guardians and stewardship staff are learning hands-on skills to take out into the field. “These courses are providing us with incredibly valuable knowledge,” observes Brad Seward, Projects and...

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Stewardship in Action: Nunns Creek Project Underway

"We wanted to focus on a project that is close to the community, so what better place than the Nunns creek that runs right through our community?" asks Kelsey Campbell, Fisheries Biologist with the A-Tlegay Fisheries Society and a member of the Campbell River Band. "I’ve known that this creek is...

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Traditional Territories of participating Nations